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  • 一手货源Primary source
  • 型号齐全Complete model
  • 加工定制Processing customization
  • 质量保障Quality assurance



Dongguan Xinfeng Precision Electronics Co., LTD

12 years focus on TYPE-C connector, USB connector research and development and production

About us
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About us
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  • No. 1, Changlong 2 Road, Baisha 3 Village, Humen Town, Dongguan City
  •  0769-89871356
  •  13790519676 Mr. Gong
  •  18925469905 Miss Zhang
  •  gordon@dgxunfeng.com


Our vision

Now to do a specialized, fine, special, new small giant enterprise;

In the future to become the domestic connector industry quality enterprises.

Our Mission

We always adhere to technological innovation, enabling product value, constantly improve product quality and service, improve customer satisfaction;

We strive to create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, create wealth for shareholders, and take responsibility for society.

Our values

Forge ahead, dedication;

Achieve customers, grow together;

Do not forget the original intention, realize self;

Work happily, enjoy life.